“Beginning the New Year with Thanksgiving”

New Years is a day when we spend time looking back and also looking forward. Often the emphasis that gets placed on this holiday (other than football) is thinking about what we would like to change or improve in the coming year. Most often when reflecting over the past year we may focus on victories or defeats, highlights or lowlights of the past year, but how often do we pause to take stock of some of God’s greatest blessings that we may almost take for granted on a daily basis? A few weeks ago I participated in the public celebration of Elmo William’s life. As I was thinking about what I would do, and remembering Elmo’s life, I looked through some of the notes Elmo sent me through the years and came across the following story that Elmo forwarded to me because he appreciated the words of wisdom it contains. I received that story from Elmo several years ago and hung onto it because it has a deep element of truth.