Our Church Bell

The bell that now hangs outside the door of our church was originally on a train operating between Sacramento, California and Truckee, California. It is estimated to be more than 100 years old. When the train was wrecked, it was dismantled, and the bell was procured by several businessmen in Sacramento. It was installed at a summer cabin in Kyburz, California and use mainly for parties two weeks each year. The bell remained there for over 30 years. With the constant threat of forest fires near the summer cabin, the bell was removed and purchased by Tom Blanchard. He installed it at his home in Kyburz, CA and rang it on every holiday. When he moved to Brookings, he brought the bell with him. In Brookings, the bell stayed in Tom’s garage for almost 20 years until finding a permanent home at our church in 2007. Each Sunday we ring the bell calling all to worship. Although Tom passed away in May of 2015, his gift to our church continues to ring, calling the community to worship.