We Welcome, We Worship, We Nourish, We Affirm

We Welcome all to Christ
        We welcome all to Jesus Christ our Savior. When entering our door there are feelings of warmth and love. Joys and sorrows are shared in a sense of acceptance and belonging. Opportunities for fellowship abound. We are a family centered in service to Jesus Christ. We care for you!

We Worship Jesus Christ openly, spiritually and completely
       We actively embrace many forms of worship in the name of Jesus Christ. We do so in a spirit of welcoming diversity, which adds to our congregational understanding. Through the participation of many, we are one.

We Nourish Christian faith through spiritual education
        To nourish our spiritual future, we draw on the best of our past. We nurture youth with social and educational programs with Christian emphasis. Our Christian understanding and service support and encourage our church family. We continue to expand educational opportunities for all.

We Affirm faith by our Christian works
        We have dedicated our active and diverse mission program to living Christ's great commandment to carry Christianity to the world. We continually offer our time and talents for local and world mission outreach for all. A dynamic mission program is the heart of Brookings Presbyterian Church.